Fruit and vegetable production is done on around 200 hectares of our own orchards as well as 300-400 hectares under our co-operation.

Our production is done by applying newest technologies in fruits and vegetables. This means planting new varieties of fruits and vegetables, hail nets, irrigation systems.

All of this is done under watchfull eye of our engenierres and in accordance with Global Gap, ISO 22000 and HACCP standards.


To Whom it may concern,

We have an ULO cold storage of 4,000 tons with associated manipulation space of 1063 m2 and a classical cold storage of 1,500 tons with 500 m2 manipulative space and existing equipment - two four-phase electronic calibrators Van Wamel OMS 470, packing machines, box pallets, forklifts, wheel scales, electronic scales, loading ramps.

Orchard has:

Netafim irrigation system with four wells of 120 meters, hail nets, tractors, atomizers, trailers, platforms, trucks, cutters, mowers and so on.

Orchard specification is:

1. apple 2002-2008                                   22.3 ha  (hail nets, irrigation system)

2. apple 2012                                            10 ha (hail nets, irrigation system)

3. apple 2013                                            10 ha (hail nets, irrigation system)

4. apple 2014                                            6 ha (hail nets, irrigation system)

5. sweet cherry 2014                                 5 ha (hail nets, irrigation system)

6. sweet cherry 2014                                 12 ha (hail nets, irrigation system)

7. plum 2012/2013                                    6.6 ha (irrigation system)

8. sour cherry 2017/2018                          36 ha (irrigation system)

9. apple 2018/2019                                    16 ha  (irrigation system)

10. apple extensive style                           18 ha (stationary irrigation system)

11. pear extensive style                              15 ha (stacionary irrigation system)